Washington tries to calm Paris after a “stab in the back”


It seems that the remarks US Secretary of State These are intended to assuage French anger after the United States, Australia and Britain entered into a historic defense export contract to supply Australia with nuclear-powered submarines.

The three countries announced, on Wednesday, that they will establish a security partnership in the Indo-Pacific region that will help Australia In the acquisition of nuclear-powered submarines, which would cancel the French-designed submarine deal, according to Reuters.

received France Angrily at the loss of the $40 billion deal, she described the US move as a “stab in the back”.

In a speech at a press conference after meetings between the US and Australian foreign and defense ministers in Washington, Blinken Washington was in contact with its French counterparts before the deal was announced subs.

“We cooperate very closely with France on many common priorities in the Indo-Pacific but also around the world. We will continue to do so. We attach great importance to that relationship and that partnership,” Blinken said.

In 2016, Australia chose Shipbuilding company French “Naval Group” to build a new submarine fleet worth 40 billion dollars to replace the Collins submarines that are more than two decades old.

The United States and its allies are looking for ways to counter Chinas growing power and influence, particularly its military build-up, pressure on Taiwan, and deployments in the disputed South China Sea.

Yesterday, Thursday, the White House defended the US decision, rejecting criticism from both China France on the agreement.

A spokeswoman said White House Jin Psaki told reporters, “We do not seek conflict with China.”

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