Watch the Liverpool and Leeds United match broadcast live today in the English Premier League


English football fans are anticipating a strong match between Liverpool and Leeds United this evening, Sunday, September 12, at Island Road Stadium, to calculate the fourth phase of the English Football League “Premier League”.

Koura 365 offers its followers to watch the Liverpool match against Leeds United live broadcast today, with the start of the scheduled start whistle at 5:30 pm Cairo time, i.e. 6:30 Mecca time, and the confrontation will be broadcast live on the BN Sport HD1 Premium channel with a performance My voice is for commentator Raouf Khalif.

It seems that Liverpool this season wants to be a strong contender for the title to return to the podiums again, as it presents a distinguished and wonderful level so far, as it is in seventh place on the table with 7 points, without any defeat, but two victories and a draw.

Today, the Reds will be in a task that may be difficult, as they did not enter the meeting with high concentration and firmness in order to win and continue on the right path towards competing for the title, so they will make every effort possible today to win and snatch the full points, and there is no room for anything else.

On the other hand, Leeds United are still in the abyss, that is, in the seventeenth place in the table with two points from two draws and a defeat, and this is an unacceptable number for the team that appeared distinctively last season, which was the first time in it for him.

Leeds finished its preparations for this match with a high concentration, as the team aspires to appear well and try to get back on the right track, so it will fight fiercely to try to win and grab the full points.


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