What are the Al-Ahly fans waiting for from Musimani against Enppi today in the cup?


Al-Ahly club enters a new test at seven in the evening, today, Saturday, in front of Enppi, the 16th round of the Egypt Cup, in the team’s first appearance after the Super loss against Talaa Al-Jaish last week, a match that angered the Al-Ahly fans and prompted the board of directors to take a sudden decision to impose financial penalties on All members of the football team, including players, coaches, administrators, and even the medical staff, and the announcement of the penalty through the club’s official website.

After the penalty, rumors spread about South African coach Pitso Musimani’s refusal to impose a penalty on him after losing the Super, but sources in Al-Ahly Club confirmed that these allegations were unfounded, and far from refusing or accepting the penalty on the part of Pitsu, the South African coach will be required to respond. He was strong in today’s match, after he largely assumed responsibility for the loss from the army’s vanguards on penalties, in a repeated scenario for a large group of the ended league matches, which the team lost in favor of Zamalek.

Musimani enters today’s match, demanding many amendments to calm the angry fans, and the administration that expressed its dissatisfaction by imposing public penalties on everyone, and broadcasting a warning message to the competitors before the start of the league competition that the team will return to regain its favorite title in the new season, and among the most prominent amendments expected from Musimani today will be as follows ..

Modify the way you play

Musimani showed his muscles in African stadiums since he came to Al-Ahly training, and succeeded in achieving the Champions League for two consecutive seasons, relying on a basic strength of players, but he appeared distinctively with modifications to the way of playing, especially in difficult matches, and these modifications succeeded in confusing the accounts of opponents, such as playing an advanced Lebro Against Esperance in Rades, for example, and when the situation in the group worsened and he decided to surprise Vita Club outside his stadium in the group stage, he played 4/4/2 and returned from there with a victory that is considered the largest in his continental career with Al-Ahly with a 3-0 result that started with a goal in the 6th minute.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly did not appear in this way at the local level, and it rarely surprises its opponents with an amendment in the way it plays.

Configuration changes

It is logical for any big team to play the cup matches with a second-tier squad, and tonight’s match will be an appropriate opportunity for Betsu to give the opportunity to a group of promising names, such as Ammar, Abdel Qader, Michisoni and Karim Fouad, and to give comfort to another group of consumers last season, such as Taher, Hamdi Fathi and Reed. Trust for a group of stars far from the main formation, such as Kahraba and Aliu Diang.

Easy and convincing win

Achieving an easy victory without suffering and periods of suffering and placing hands on hearts at any time of the 90 minutes will be a good imprint before the international stop and return to the African battlefield and the start of the league next October, and good news for Al-Ahly fans that the man has learned from his mistakes and will return to restore the local throne this season. .

Clean Sheet

Imagine that Al-Ahly received 28 goals in the league last season, the last of which was a hat-trick from El-Gouna in the last round, which ended with a score of 3-3, and all the league teams shook the defending champion’s net with the exception of Ceramica, and a clean sheet with a convincing victory would be a good start to repair the relationship between Betso and the fans.


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