What does Android FlyTrap mean?


The developers recently found a malicious program known as Android FlyTrap, which succeeded in infiltrating 10,000 devices in 144 countries. third parties and others.

FlyTrap software

FlyTrap was clearly visible when it started hacking Facebook accounts and collecting their data, as it was able to collect the Facebook IDs, IP addresses, and email addresses of affected accounts, along with cookies.

Social media applications play a serious role in the spread of malware, as the infected account shares it with other accounts within private messages, which allows it to spread like wildfire within a short period of time.

How do you protect yourself?

There are no comprehensive solutions to the problem of malware and viruses. But you can always protect yourself from it by avoiding scam apps or those that promise the user discounts, offers, or even free accounts.

Besides, it is never recommended to download apps from third party stores or platforms no matter how reliable they are. You can imagine that Google itself has suffered from many fake apps on the Store, which means that the situation is worse for third-party stores.


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