What is eye strain, its symptoms and ways to prevent it?


The outbreak of the Corona epidemic around the world led to staying at home for long periods, especially with the beginning of the outbreak of the virus in order to prevent infection, and many people, even children during this period, resorted to sitting for long periods in front of screens, whether television or computer, and especially mobile phones due to the ease of carrying and using them in Any time, even when going to bed to sleep, and all of this negatively affected the health of our eyes, which resulted in some people suffering from what is called eye fatigue, according to the report published on the “Times of India” website.


What is eye strain?

Focusing too much on the screen for too long, driving for too long, as well as writing and reading can all lead to eye strain, and being so focused here means that you don’t blink a lot.

Digital screens can reduce flicker, resulting in dry and irritated eyes, and this indicates that the eyes need some rest when they focus for a long time on something.

eye redness
eye redness

What are the symptoms of eye strain?

It is not easy to recognize your eyes and tell them when your eyes are tired because in some cases symptoms can disguise themselves as other things. Your eyes itch or you may be more sensitive to light.

How to prevent eye strain
How to prevent eye strain

How can I avoid eye strain?

Enlarge the font size on laptops and phones, so as not to tire your eyes in seeing.

Keeping the screen two feet away will ensure that your eyes are looking a little lower, which is even better.

– Reduce the screen brightness and don’t forget to flash.

Follow the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This will give your eyes a much-needed rest.

eye strain
eye strain

What are the ways to treat eye strain?

Stop looking at any screen until you start to feel better.

Get an eye exam once a year.

Eyestrain can be exacerbated by underlying eye problems such as nearsightedness.


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