What is hybrid immunity against corona and why should the recovering be vaccinated?


Corona virus infection can lead to serious complications in physical and mental health, and post-Corona symptoms and complications may continue to disrupt life, but once the patient recovers, experts confirm that he is protected against the virus and has a certain level of natural immunity against it..

And according to a report by the “Times of India” website, it is said that antibodies acquired through natural infection are effective, but the recovered must receive the Corona vaccine because vaccination provides an additional layer of protection, it reduces the chance of infection again for a certain period determined by the nature of the body.

What does hybrid immunity against corona mean?

Hybrid immunity is also known as “super immunity”, and it refers to a combination of immunity acquired from natural infection as well as from vaccines, people who have recovered from corona develop hybrid immunity when they are vaccinated, given that they now have natural immunity and immunity resulting from vaccines..

Corona virus infection can provide natural immunity, but how protected are you?

People who were previously infected with the coronavirus may develop a certain level of immunity to the deadly virus, which reduces the chances of infection again..

When a person is infected with corona, the body’s immune system recognizes the virus and launches immune responses that fight pathogens, which leads to potential inflammation that spreads to other parts of the body and this in turn leads to the production of antibodies, which continue to build lasting immunity.

Although there is no strong evidence to determine the duration of immunity from natural infection, studies have indicated that naturally acquired immunity may be long-lasting, and according to a study conducted by researchers from Rockefeller University in New York, it was found that immunity among people who were infected with corona lasted for six months. In addition, the study suggested that the same people showed more robust immunity after vaccination.

How does vaccine-induced immunity work?

The only corona virus vaccines that have received approvals for emergency use are vaccines mRNA and virus vector vaccines. These vaccines contain either parts of the virus strain or a form of spiny protein that mimics the actual virus..

Although a previously infected person has acquired a certain level of immunity, vaccination is said to provide better protection, given that memory cells B It is responsible for the production of antibodies, and it is believed that both vaccine-induced immunity and natural infection stimulate memory cells B To generate antibodies against the Corona virus, however, studies have indicated that levels of memory cells B Much higher in people with hybrid immunity, which leads to more antibodies.

Does the vaccine reduce the chances of infection again?

Studies show that people who have naturally acquired immunity and antibodies from the vaccine are safe from any risk of reinfection..

According to a study conducted by a team of researchers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it was found that among people who had already contracted corona, vaccination reduced the risk of infection again by more than double, compared to natural infection alone..


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