What is the digital epidemic spreading all over the world and causing security breaches?


This year, hackers cut off heating homes across the east coast of the United States after breaching an oil pipeline, and ended up paying a $4.4 million ransom, and another group turned Floridas water systems from smart factories to self-driving cars, and we’re more vulnerable than ever. For security breaches as companies move toward AI and the cloud.

site said ” the nextweb “Cyber ​​security experts predict that ransomware costs will reach $20 billion by the end of the year and will rise to $265 billion by 2031. Constantly evolving cyber attacks?

Since financial institutions were one of the first targets that hackers began to attack, banks have advanced security systems and teams that have been studying the evolution of cybersecurity threats over the years. Lalit Bhakuni Head of the Global Center for Electronic Intelligence in ABN AMRO On how the cybersecurity threat will evolve in 2021, what companies should do if they are subjected to a ransomware attack, and the steps companies and individuals should take to survive. Safe.

Like other types of malware, ransomware attacks use a file or code to infect and steal data, but it goes further than that. The Next Web Ransomware is particularly dangerous because of its immediate and long-term harm to a company’s security and reputation.

It’s also double blackmail as they not only encrypt your system, but they also blackmail you because they already took your data and say, “If you don’t pay us, we’ll publish everything.”.”

This can take a huge hit, not only in financial terms, but also in terms of user or customer trust.

The advent of digital communication and remote work during the pandemic Covid-19 Cybercriminals have many opportunities to attack vulnerable systems, and it is no coincidence that the recent wave of ransomware attacks has targeted large organizations with a wide reach. according to Bhakuni Crime groups conducted small phishing campaigns targeting employees to obtain their credentials.

These increasingly sophisticated attacks are the result of cybercriminals banding together as a larger group to target businesses and organizations.

Highlighting the recent trend of cybercriminals, Bhakuni says, “They have turned ransomware into a corporate-style supply chain. We call this ransomware as a service.“.

According to CBS News , offers groups such as DarkSide (Hackers behind the attack Colonial Pipeline) What’s called RaaSThese sophisticated cybercrime groups operate like a regular company, complete with marketing and customer service teams, and they even have negotiators who can deal with victims on behalf of their clients.


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