What is the duration of protection from the Corona virus after taking the vaccine? .. A study that answers


How long can you stay protected from the deadly Corona virus after taking the vaccine? A question that many people ask, and according to what experts have confirmed in a number of studies, after 4 months from the date a person receives the second dose of the Corona vaccine of the American company Pfizer, begins immunity is fading, according to the website ” thehealthsiteThrough a set of questions and answers, we learn about the duration of protection from the Corona virus after taking the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines, according to several studies conducted in this regard.

How long does the Pfizer vaccine provide for Corona?

The effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine is reduced in Corona infection prevention After a 4-month period of time and speaking of the percentage of protection that fades with time, experts said that immunity against the Corona virus dwindles from 96% to 84%.

What is the extent of protection provided by the Corona vaccine from Moderna?

Moderna vaccine data show that functional antibodies (those able to prevent viruses from entering cells) persisted in most people for 6 months after vaccination, however, there was a gradual decrease in performance against the beta variant of the virus, and the study did not evaluate the vaccine against the dominant delta variant. right Now.

How effective is the Corona vaccine for AstraZeneca and Pfizer against the Delta variant?

A study also suggested that the Oxford/AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines against the delta variant of corona are less effective in preventing infection when this variant is encountered, and similar results have been reported by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Do you still need to get the vaccine?

The ideal vaccine would prevent infection completely and thus prevent people from picking up and spreading the virus, however, earlier in the pandemic, reports emerged of people re-infection with the Corona virus after vaccination in addition to dwindling antibodies and it is believed that high levels of antibodies are important in preventing infection from start.

So it has been suspected for some time that creating a vaccine that completely prevents infection would not be possible. In fact, antibodies are just one indicator of an effective immune response.

Studies have shown that both killer T cells and immune memory persist well, and what this may mean is that some people may not have enough antibodies to prevent infection completely, but they can still fight the infection and prevent it from taking hold. If so, You would expect vaccines to reduce the effect or severity of the disease.

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