Why did Apple change the location of the camera in the iPhone 13?


Looks like iPhone 13 Last year’s model is aesthetically pleasing apart from one key element: the camera position, as the iPhone 12 had lenses stacked vertically, but in the new version the lens is diagonal, and there are two main reasons why Apple pushed to change the position of the iPhone 13 lens – and you can divide them into technical and marketing as Move theNextWeb site.

Technical reason for tilted camera design on iPhone 13

Now, one of the new features introduced with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini is what’s called “Sensor Shift Optical Image Stabilization”.

This was featured on last year’s iPhone 12 Pro models and is a mechanism that effectively moves the lens to help you get more stable shots. Think of it as counteracting the slight movement of your hands while taking a picture.

When Apple announced the iPhone 13, they showed optical image stabilization of the sensor:

It is clear that the OIS sensors are relatively large. In fact, it takes up quite a bit of a camera bump.

It would be technically impossible to fit the mechanism while retaining the portrait camera layout of the iPhone 12, making placing the lens on the iPhone 13 diagonally a neat solution.

The other option is to completely change the location of the camera bump, probably in the middle of the phone, but that will not only change the aesthetics of the iPhone 13, but also render a lot of the accessories useless.

The technical reason why Apple made the iPhone 13 cameras diagonal

Marketing reason for repositioning the camera on the iPhone 13 The phone is very similar to the iPhone 12 and it drives in upgrades, including things like a smaller notch, a brighter screen, and a larger battery that don’t quite grab attention.

But these aren’t bad updates per se, but they are expected and not desirable, but the biggest differentiation point for the audience in general is the new diagonal camera design, it’s a clear way of indicating that you have the latest device and it’s an excellent marketing tool to encourage people to upgrade.


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