“With a question without a response” .. the opposition judge silences the accused of killing the engineer


12:47 AM

Friday 17 September 2021

Dakahlia – Ramy Mahmoud:

The opposition judge at Talkha Criminal Court in Dakahlia Governorate decided to renew the detention of the accused of killing his friend, engineer Ahmed Atef El-Sherbiny, from the village of Mit Antar, Talkha Center, for 15 days pending investigations, because on the first of this September, he threw him from the top of Mansoura University bridge, to get rid of his debts Which amounted to his friend the amount of 680 thousand pounds in addition to 5 bank cheques.

The opposition judge discussed the accused and asked him: “You killed the victim, engineer Ahmed Atef El-Sherbiny?” He replied, “He had a juice bottle in his hands, and we were standing on the bridge, and he lost his balance and fell into the water from above.” The judge asked him, why did the police not ask him? Rescue or river rescue to save him, and why did you not tell his family what happened, and you frightened your knowledge of what happened to him for 11 days until his body was found, so the accused lowered his head on the ground and became silent and did not reply.

The court witnessed an intense security presence in the vicinity of the court during the session, after which the accused was transferred to his detention to complete the investigations by the Public Prosecution.

The case of the killing of the engineer Ahmed Atef began on the first of September 2021, when he left his home in the village of Mit Antar, to meet his friend “MA” in order to obtain part of the sums owned by him, which had been with his friend for some time, in preparation for the birth of his wife their newborn The second, “Salim”, kept in touch with his father, mother and wife that night and made more than 10 calls with them. Whenever they asked him, he confirmed that he was with his friend, but the victim did not return home, and when they asked his friend, he confirmed that the victim left him on the Mansoura University bridge and got into a car. A taxi after he gave him 80 thousand pounds, and nothing is known about him after that.

The Dakahlia investigations found the body of the victim in the last place where he confirmed his presence, which is in the Mansoura University bridge area, passing over the Nile River, Damietta branch. By presenting him to the opposition judge, he decided to renew his detention for 15 days.

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