Wrong video behind the Kabul strike.. The story of an Afghan man caught with 7 children


For US forces, he was an ISIS operative transporting the booby-traps, but for his family and colleagues with NEI, a US nonprofit aid organization, Zamarai Ahmadi, 43, was just an aid worker and driver.

But that ominous blow On August 29 On one of the neighborhoods near Kabul Airport, for which the US Department of Defense apologized yesterday, Friday, it kidnapped an Afghan man with his children who was dreaming of a better tomorrow.

In fact, he was preparing, according to a report by CNN, to travel, after he applied for an entry visa to the United States to get his family out of Afghanistan after the Taliban had taken control of it.

But the man died with nine of his relatives, including seven children, according to his family.

A normal day.. but

That morning, Zamarai’s day, who works as a driver for a relief organization, began like other normal days, according to his colleagues.

He climbed into a Toyota Corolla owned by the American non-profit Nutrition and Education Organization (NEI), to head to his work station.

But he received a call from the country director of the NEI Institute, where he worked for 15 years, asking him to bring a laptop from a colleague’s home, the latter confirmed, as well as phone records of the call.

However, Ahmadi first went to pick up a former colleague, Khan, who wanted to go to the office to get information about US visa applications.

water filling

water filling

Then he went later to take the computer from another house, and hired a second colleague, and then went to his work center. They had breakfast together, and then Ahmadi and Khan returned with him to distribute some of the aid given by the organization, but they stopped while returning at a Taliban checkpoint and later at a bank.

Suspicion video

Hours passed before the driver returned to the office to fill up gallons of water, according to surveillance cameras in the organization’s offices.

Ahmadi put several gallons of water in the trunk of his car in order to take it home, because the water was cut off for days.

Perhaps those explosive devices aroused the suspicion of the American forces, who thought that they were booby-traps, especially since the situation was tense at the time, a few days after the bloody Kabul airport bombings, which were claimed by ISIS.

Late that afternoon, the US military noticed people loading what it believed were explosives into the trunk of a car, a US official familiar with the matter told CNN.

He also added that US forces had spotted these people “carefully” dealing with “fairly heavy” canisters to put in the car.

He continued, “Those concerned estimated that these things were a type of explosive material because of the way in which they were carried,” without giving further details.

It was just water

However, Ahmadi’s colleagues asserted that he had no water in his home, so he filled plastic containers with water from work and took it to his family.

A guard at the NEI, who asked not to be named, also confirmed that, around 3 p.m., Ahmadi asked him to help fill containers with a hose, as he had no water in the house.

After that, the drones got ready, and as soon as the Toyota driven by Zamarai reached his yard, the seven children ran to him.

But the strike was faster than them, and a fire came down on the charred car that snatched 9 of one family, in a terrible blow, which prompted the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, yesterday to apologize for it, and assure that investigations into him will continue!

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