Yahoo is working on a new calendar app with the help of Sunrise Creator


Before Microsoft bought sunrise advanced calendar software in 2015 and shut it down about a year later, it was one of those apps that people loved to praise, as design and thoughtful features helped differentiate itself and win a fan base in a crowded market dominated by heavyweight companies like GCal, he said. Engadget website.

But then Microsoft shut down the app and left fans looking elsewhere, with almost no alternative, but a similar app could appear soon, as Yahoo is working on a standalone calendar app called Day.

According to TechCrunch, the company hired Jeremy Le Van, one of the founders of Sunrise, to help design the software. Furthermore, the company was said to have given Le Van’s team the freedom to develop the software independently of other Yahoo properties.

The app in its current version does not appear to contain any Yahoo trademarks or integrations. On top of that the plan is to turn it into something that can integrate with any email client and other tools people use.


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