Zahra Ramy on her participation in “Sahranin”: Proud to present the lyrical history of Asaad Younes


Presenter and singer Zahra Ramy revealed her great happiness for participating in the first episode of the new season of the “Sahranin” program, with the star Esaad Younes and the star Amir Karara, saying: “This is an episode of Al-Nasali, a very strong and inspiring task, beautiful, strong, strong, all happiness, pride, gratitude and love.” And thanks to the fact that I was chosen by Her Excellency, Sit Al-Kul, Asaad Younes, that I present her lyrical history in an important episode like this with Pasha of Egypt, Amir Karara.

And she added, “Have I enjoyed the deliciousness of her songs, her beauty and her misery, these are really great energy and a great school, may God protect her, Lord.”

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The “Sahranin” program, presented by the artist Amir Karara, will be hosted in the first episodes of his new season, on the . channel onToday, Wednesday, the great artist, Esaad Younes.

During the episode, the artist, Esaad Younes, talks about her artistic career, her work in acting, production and presenting programs, in addition to her relationship with a number of art stars, and the funny situations that she collected with each other, led by the artist Samir Ghanem in the scenes of the movie “Ya Rab Walad”.

Esaad Younes enters the studio carrying a large gift for Amir Karara, but she asks him not to open it until at the end of the episode, which made “Amir” excited to know what’s inside.


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