Zamalek: Galata Saray is required to pay $ 4 million at the end of next June, not now


Amr Adham, a member of the Zamalek board of directors, confirmed that the Galata Saray Club informed us of the final activation of the clause to buy Mustafa Mohamed’s contract, and there is nothing to prevent him from selling the player to any other club.

Amr Adham said, during an intervention with the media, Ahmed Schubert, on the “On Time Stadium” program broadcast on Ontime Sports 1 channel: “We called from Galata Saray Club to activate the purchase clause in Mustafa Mohamed’s contract, and Zamalek Club requested official correspondence confirming the process, and until eight o’clock it was not sent. Anything until he left the club.”

The Zamalek member added: “We received calls from Galata Saray to activate the clause of Mustafa Muhammad’s purchase, but we were not officially notified, and Galata Saray has the right to activate the clause of Mustafa Muhammad’s purchase through the system. Etc“.

And Amr Adham continued: “Galata Saray can change the character of Mustafa Muhd ​​from secondment to purchase on the system EtcAnd he can do the item and can pay the money at any time until July 1, not now, because he has paid the loan value, which extends to the end of next June, and he is required to pay $ 4 million after the loan ends, not now.

The star, Mostafa Mohamed, has successfully passed the medical examination conducted by the French club Girondins Bordeaux, in preparation for joining the team from the Turkish Galatasaray.

Wolfa expected RMC SportMustafa passed the medical examinations in the French club, noting that there is a final obstacle to Bordeaux, which is Zamalek’s insistence to pay 4 million dollars, the value of activating the player’s purchase clause.


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