Zamalek’s meeting with Bin Sharqi’s lawyer resolves his contract renewal file


Zamalek officials called on the Moroccan lawyer, Ashraf bin Sharqi, the team’s wing, to hold a meeting during the current period to resolve the player’s renewal file, after Hussein Labib, the club’s president, confirmed that all the player’s demands had been approved to renew his contract with the team that expires at the end of the season, with the exception of the penalty clause that he wants to put in order to pay it. A specific financial value that allows him to leave, and the Zamalek administration’s objection came about the size of the financial value that Bin Sharqi requested to put, so an invitation was sent to the player’s lawyer to hold a session with him in order to reach an agreement formula on the form of the contract in order to renew the player’s contract at the request of the Zamalek administration The current addition of more stability to the team.

The meeting, which directed the management Zamalek His contract serves as a decisive point in the player’s contract renewal file, especially since all his requirements have been approved and the agreement on this clause remains in order to renew the player’s contract, after the committee that manages Zamalek headed by Hussein Labib succeeded in renewing the contract of the French Patrice Carteron, the current coach of the team for three seasons. to come.

Moroccan Ashraf Ben Sharqi participated with Zamalek in 30 Premier League matches, during which he scored 15 goals, made 7 goals and received 5 warnings. In the African Champions League, he made two goals, received a warning, and two matches in the Egypt Cup, during which he scored two goals.

In total, Ashraf bin Sharqi has participated with Zamalek in 77 games since joining the ranks of Al-Abyad so far, during which he scored 30 goals and made 19 other goals and crowned four championships, namely: the Premier League, the Egypt Cup, the Super Cup and the African Super.


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