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Many films were released under the pressure of the pandemic, but none of them combined the world of cinema and modern technical trends, as Zero Contact did.

After winning the Oscar for starring in the movie “The Father” 2020, the audience will have a date with veteran star Sir Anthony Hopkins, 84, on the 24th of this month, to watch the premiere of his latest work, “Zero Contact” first. A feature film to be released on the VUELE network in an unconventional or unprecedented experience that could revolutionize the entertainment industry.

Voile will be the first platform to display a movie in the NFT format, a type of token that relies on Blockchain technology – used to encrypt cryptocurrencies – to encrypt and link it to a digital asset for cinematic, television, or other artworks. Music or video clips, and recording complete information about their owner and date on a Certificate of Authenticity, making it impossible to replace or copy, except with a corresponding digital instance. Movies become valuable collectibles that can be traded in markets similar to cryptocurrency exchanges.

NFT to watch and invest

The number of buyers of NFT tokens has tripled in 2020, with sales exceeding $2 billion.

For example, this technology was used by music artists, to increase their revenues during the Corona pandemic, bringing them about $ 25 million last February.

In March, Jack Dorsey, founder and president of Twitter, sold his first tweets through NFT for $2.9 million. A digital work by the famous American artist “Beeple” was sold for 69.3 million. A 10-second video of people walking next to Donald Trump sold for 6.6 million.

The 2015 documentary Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah was released as the first Oscar-nominated documentary film to be auctioned in NFT format via the Rarible platform. ).

Now comes the Voile platform’s use of NFT technology, which “protects against piracy”. Not only with the aim of reaching audiences with its feature-length films, but also to provide value-added content, allowing subscribers to be part of a new and exciting way in global entertainment, allowing them to watch, sell and invest in its exclusive content at the same time.

funky movie

Zero Contact, produced in 2020, in 17 different countries during the global pandemic, with a group of the best photographers, screenwriters and special effects crews. Canadian director, writer and producer Rick Dugdale, 44, described it as “unconventional in everything, from the way it was filmed using zoom cameras, and the circumstances of its remote production and distribution, all of which occurred in situations considered rare.”

Yes, many films were released under the pressure of the pandemic, but none of them combined the world of cinema and modern technical trends, as Zero Contact did, to take the lead “as an innovative film that is promoted between auctions and gifts on a platform that works in the NFT format.” Says Karishbel Guaramato, a crypto blogger.

Until the announcement of the film, it was different and unconventional, as the “NFT” website and the “Voyle” viewing platform continued to promote the film in many online advertisements, by organizing auctions and raffles that allowed participants with non-fungible “NFT” codes, Chances of winning gold tickets, and other products from the site, on the 24th of this month.

Members will also have the opportunity to purchase and watch feature-length movies and premium content, including behind the scenes, never-before-seen footage, additional features, exclusive Q&A, and much more.

Until recently, NFT technology was used only in the world of fine art, music and sports auctions, before the giant Hopkins and his new film, and the Voile platform, came with this step, which may constitute a qualitative leap in the film industry globally, and an experiment that Dougdale considered “aims to create A new source of income for the industry. It could make “everything about to change”, according to critic Yolanda Machado.

A thrill that may keep fans on the edge of their seats

In this American thriller, iconic actor Hopkins stars alongside other superstars, including Alex Paunovich, Veronica Ferris, Chris Brochu, Martin Stenmark, TJ Kayama and Lily Krug.

It revolves around a group of 5 people around the world, united by their appreciation for the genius of the late computer giant, Finley Hart (Hopkins). But at the same time they are trying to work together to stop a “global catastrophe”, by shutting down his most secret and dangerous invention. which he left as an inheritance to be the machine that would solve all mankind’s problems, or cause the end of life on earth.

At the beginning of the trailer, Hart issues a technical warning of the end of the world, unless these five people of his choosing can get together, to figure out how to make the machine work, or explode if they don’t succeed in their mission. While they are all being chased by a mysterious man, he succeeds in killing one of them.

The official trailer for the movie shows us what would make it so special, and promises to present an “emotional plot to keep audiences on the edge of their seats,” Machado said.


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