13 Information- Who is the “new guy” who changed the words of Ibtihal “Moulay” at Marouane Pablos party and was accused of atheism | news


The Palestinian rapper sparked a new controversy after his participation in the concert of the Egyptian rapper Marwan Pablo, which was held yesterday, Friday, October 1

A video of a new young man singing the prayer of prayer spread on Twitter, and the audience was divided between supporter of joking and rejection, and considered it a violation of religious prayer, and it came to accusing him of atheism.

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In this report, we learn about a new guy who issued the “Trend” in the past hours.

His name is Uday Abbas.

Palestinian rapper.

He lives in the town of Kafr Aqab, north of occupied Jerusalem.

– He is 24 years old.

He did not complete his education and dropped out of high school.

– In 2015 he founded with his friends “Al-Nazer” and “Shab Morey” “Platinum” to produce their works.

He relies on rap singing as his main occupation.

– He initially performed singles.

– The song “Kohl and Atma” achieved great success for him.

– His first albums were called “Sinbad Al-Ward”.

– He says he’s the last one who can consider himself a ‘rapper’.

– He presents through his songs the Palestinian cause and the suffering of Palestinian youth, but without crying or melodrama, as he says.

– He participated for the first time in a party with Marwan Pablo, which was held on the evening of Friday, October 1 in Egypt.

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