14 Statements from Ahmed El-Sakka at his honoring conference in El Gouna Film Festival: I am not deranged to die in filming, and this film I watch to separate myself from the world | news


This afternoon, the press conference for the artist Ahmed El-Sakka, who was honored with the Creative Achievement Award, was held at the fifth edition of the El Gouna Festival.

The director of the festival, Inshal Al-Tamimi, presented the artist Ahmed Al-Sakka to receive the attendees questions. At first, Al-Sakka thanked all the attendees for their presence and interest.

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Ahmed El-Sakka responded to the controversy that arose after his speech at the opening ceremony, and he had many statements:

– I did not mean to cancel the history of the cinema before “Ismailia Rayeh Gay”, what I meant by the techniques and the conditions of the show, that the films during the 1967 period and afterwards did not take their right due to the conditions of the war, I did not detract from the industry and I do not dare to do that. What I mean is that the available possibilities were Below the stars’ abilities, I apologize if my words were misunderstood.

– I do not mind presenting the theater, but what I care about is the idea that I present. During this period, there are new experiences, such as what Mohamed Henedy and Ahmed Ezz presented in two days only. It is different from what I presented, but if a new and different work is presented to me, I will present it.

– My generation and the generation that rose after me, a merger occurred between us. We cannot talk about one generation. There is great communication and the base of actors and production has become much larger.

– I try in action, and because I love my work, I traveled and studied until I know everything about the subject. I am not deranged until I die myself and do not show my muscles. Each character has details, and I enjoy pleasure when performing any scene. “.

– I was fortunate that I came in the era of new possibilities, and it started with me since the movie “Shorts, T-shirt and Cap”, during the filming of the song, new techniques were used.

– Muhammad Al-Adl is the owner of the virtue of having an entire generation, Ramses Naguib II, who risked his money to work “Saidi at the American University” and every movie produced a new star, “when we made the movie “Hammam in Amsterdam” he said, “I will attend you as a star.”

My project with Sandra grew up in the preparation stage and is written by Tamer Habib.

– I have an Egyptian team to present action years ago. I agreed with Andrew McKenzie and asked him to sit in Egypt and teach a new generation until I had this team.

– I do not have a healthy 10 cm in my body, and during the filming of “Al-Jazeera 2”, I had a fractured vertebra in my back due to my lack of appreciation during filming an action scene.

– My favorite movie that I watch until I forget any worries is “Love Rumor”.

– I do not interfere in the life of my son Yassin, he is still in the stage of study, and all I hope is for him to be a successful and righteous person. He was happy with what he will present in the series “The King” and his anger on the social media was due to his sadness. He is still young, and after what he wrote, I sat with him and advised him to be patient and think. .

– We are a generation and a group that love each other, me, Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Ezz and others. We have life and salt, so the backstage between us is always beautiful.

– Every day I stand with myself and ask what I will do, when I stood yesterday on the stage I did not bring any word to say, I felt responsible after the honor and that I would start again, the honor came early, I am still young and I want to do more work.

– I have many followers on social networking sites and I deal with them as I am, but people’s love is measured by such a conference that all these people attend in the early morning, which is the measure of the audience’s love.

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