20 years of difference between the two photos.. Mohamed Sobhi with “Huda” Reem Ahmed with Wanis Diaries


The great artist, Mohamed Sobhi, was keen to share his followers and fans with two pictures, the difference between them 20 years, through which he appears with the young artist Reem Ahmed, who has the personality of Hoda, the youngest of his children in the famous series “Diary and Nice.” The two pictures are very similar in features, but with a difference of 20 years.

Sobhi posted the two photos through his personal account on the Facebook site, and wrote, “With Hoda Al-Sousa, the difference is 20 years between the two pictures.” And the post quickly garnered a large number of likes and comments, as Hoda’s personality is very famous because of her character in the series “Diaries and Nice.”

Mohamed Sobhi in the first photo
Mohamed Sobhi in the first photo

This comes as the artist, Mohamed Sobhi, appeared in new pictures a few days ago, while he was playing the game of batinage in a distinctive way, as he published a group of photos on his personal page on the “Facebook” website, and commented on them saying: “Batinage”, and his fans interacted with the images with his support and restoration. Memories of his artwork, and prayers for his good health.

Mohamed Sobhi in the second photo
Mohamed Sobhi in the second photo

On the technical side, the great star Mohamed Sobhi presents, during his new play “Nujoum Al-Zahr”, 12 talents who push them to the artistic scene and include them in his band “The Actor’s Studio” to share the championship, and some of them stand in front of him for the first time on stage in distinct roles and present them comprehensively to show during the show the skills of the actor and singer The performer is lively on stage, and the work deals with topics related to the Egyptian citizen, his concerns and problems in an elegant comedic manner.

The stars presented by the superstar Mohamed Sobhi are: Rehab Hussein, Rehab Al-Shanat, Dalia Hassan, Mohamed Saeed, Michael William, Mohamed Shawky Tantawy, Mohamed Youssef, Mustafa Youssef, Menna Tarek, Angelica, Laila Fawzy and Mahmoud Abu Haiba.

past and present
Two pictures between the past and the present


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