21 karat in goldsmiths.. gold prices today, Sunday, October 17, 2021 without workmanship


Gold prices stabilized today, Sunday, October 17, during the morning trading in the goldsmiths market, after the great fluctuation in prices during the past few days, and the gold market is witnessing a decline in prices by 8 pounds per carat, while gold achieved gains two days before, with a value of 10 pounds per gram within just one day, which made the citizen confused whether the time is right to buy gold or not, and citizens follow gold prices today, Sunday, October 17 to know the gold market and the movement of buying and selling prices, in the goldsmiths market to transfer their money and drugs to investment in Gold, it is a safe haven in times of crisis and all citizens flee to investment to keep their money from collapsing and to preserve its value.

And gold prices occupy the door of many citizens, as those who are about to marry expect to follow its prices to know the movement of buying and selling in the goldsmiths market, to buy quantities of gold according to the customs in the Egyptian street, and gold can be bought and dealt with as a kind of propaganda as it is considered a valuable gift, we offer you Gold prices today in Egypt, gold gram prices, 21 karat gold prices and market movement today.

Gold prices today, Sunday, October 17, 2021

Gold prices stabilized today, Sunday, affected by gold prices at the global level, here is a map of gold prices today

The unit of grams of gold in EgyptThe price of gold in Egyptian pounds
24 karat gold pricesRecord from 885 to 887 EGP
22 karat gold pricesRecord from 811 to 813 EGP
21 karat gold priceRecord from 774 to 776 EGP
18 karat gold priceRecord from 663 to 665 EGP
14 karat gold priceRecord from 516 to 517 Egyptian pounds
12 karat gold prices Record from 442 to 443 EGP
Gold price per ounceRecorded from 27,510 to 27,581 EGP
gold pound priceRecorded from 6,192 to 6,208 EGP
The price of a kilo of goldRecorded from 884,571 to 886,857 Egyptian pounds.
Stay tuned now.. new gold prices today, Saturday, October 16, 2021
gold price

gold factory prices

There is no fixed price for gold workmanship prices, as traders add workmanship prices and stamps to the official gold prices. These prices are outside the range of prices issued by the stock exchange, and they are fees that the shop obtains in return for gold workmanship, and they differ from one store to another, and from one governorate to another, Some shops charge fees for gold ranging from 30 to 40 pounds per gram of gold, while some shops impose fees of up to 6 percent on the total gold bill, and the workmanship of gold is determined based on the effort that is made in the type of gold, as gold differs from diamonds.


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