3 crises in one day at the El Gouna Festival, and an apology to RedOne after his song with Mohamed Ramadan


The sixth day of the El Gouna Film Festival witnessed hot events, and caused a sensation on the communication sites, especially the movie “Feathers”, which was recently shown at the festival and divided the festival’s attendance and the audience, and the festival issued a statement regarding it.

El Gouna Festival apologizes to Redwan and Nouman Belayashi

Today, the El Gouna Festival apologized to the Moroccan distributor Redwan and the Moroccan singer Noaman Belayashi, and an apology to the Moroccan audience, for ignoring the presentation of the two stars at the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Festival, and after criticism of the festival for their lack of appreciation at the ceremony after their performance of the song “Joe Girls” with Mohamed Ramadan, and confirmed The festival management said that what had happened was an unintended mistake in the preparation of the ceremony, and thanked Redwan and Noaman Belayashi for their participation in the festival and the ceremony, and stressed the respect for their popularity.

A statement from the El Gouna Festival after the movie “feathers” crisis

El Gouna’s statement of apology to RedOne is not the only one on the sixth day. It was preceded by a statement from the festival administration about the crisis of the movie “feathers”, which received an attack from some, including Sherif Mounir, who withdrew from showing the film and expressed his objection to its artistic content, which created a situation of The controversy and division around the film at the festival, and the festival management said in the statement: El Gouna Film Festival appreciates and cherishes all filmmakers in the world for their creativity and outstanding cinematic experiences. The festival team selects films based on their artistic and cinematic quality only according to the standards of international film festivals. Al-Zuhairi, consistent with the criteria for selecting films.

And she continued, “This is based on the success it has achieved in some international forums, whether it won the Grand Prize of the International Critics’ Week at the largest international festivals, the Cannes Festival, and it is the first Egyptian film to receive such a prestigious award, and therefore its selection for screening at the El Gouna Festival was part From the interest in the Egyptian issue in the artistic and cultural fields globally, especially since in the 125-year history of Egyptian cinema, no Egyptian film has received such an award.”

An apology from the stars of the movie “Qamar 14” at the El Gouna Festival

The sixth day of the El Gouna Film Festival concluded with another letter of apology as well, but this time from the film team “Moon 14” due to their delay in attending the film symposium at the festival for more than an hour and a half, which created a state of tightness in the audience, and made the artist Yasmine Rais apologize To attend because of their delay, after celebrating the screening of the film at the festival yesterday.

Photos from El Gouna Festival’s Instagram account.


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