3 Prosecution decisions in an incident of indecent assault of a schoolgirl in Alexandria


08:45 PM

Sunday 17 October 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

The Dekheila Public Prosecution issued 3 urgent decisions in the accusation of a “bed” worker at Zaid bin Haritha School in Al-Ajami region, with indecent assault on a sixth-grade student during the school day.

The decisions included the detention of the accused for 4 days pending investigations, until the investigations of the detectives were received about the incident, the student was presented to the forensic medicine, and the school director and officials were asked about the incident.

The Dekheila Police Department had received a report from the principal of Zaid bin Haritha Primary School, which is affiliated with the Al-Ajami Educational Administration, of a worker assaulting a female student inside the school.

The examination revealed the accusation of an 11-year-old female student in the sixth grade, called “Imad.K.M.A.”, 59, a “mattress” worker at the aforementioned school, of assaulting her and touching her body.

According to the child’s statements in the report, the aforementioned worker lured the girl to the school canteen, “the canteen”, and tried to strip her of her clothes, touch and embrace parts of her body.

Nadia Fathy, Undersecretary of the Directorate of Education in Alexandria, said that the directorate prepared a memorandum on the incident and submitted it to the Ministry of Education in order to suspend the worker from work, pending the completion of investigations by the Public Prosecution.

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