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The first football team in Al-Ahly club missed the opportunity to win over the National Guard, the champion of Niger, in the first leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League.Al-Ahly club had advanced with a goal by Ali Maaloul from a penalty kick, which was won by Mohamed Sherif, before the hosts tied in the second half.

There are many strong decisions within the ranks of Al-Ahly club that were settled after the draw in the National Guard meeting:

-Prepared by Mohamed Magdy Afsha

The technical staff of Al-Ahly Club, led by Pitso Mosimane, decided to return the mastermind, Mohamed Magdy Afsha, to form the main team during the return match against the National Guard team, after the Red team was affected by his absence from the first leg, as he suffers from stress in conjunction with obtaining a marriage leave.

Pressure to appoint a general coach

There is constant pressure from the Al-Ahly club’s football apparatus, on Pitso Mosimane, in order to appoint an Egyptian general coach in the coming period, in light of the constant errors within the team, and the coach’s lack of action to remedy the errors.

A strong threat to the technical director

There will be direct threats to South African coach Pitso Mosimane, to leave and not to stay, in the event of any stumbling in the return match against the National Guard, in light of the great anger of the red fans against him after losing the league title and the local super in the last period.

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Announcing the renewal of the Maaloul contract There is a tendency on the part of the football apparatus in the ranks of Al-Ahly club, to announce the step of renewing the contract of Tunisian professional Ali Maaloul, until the 2024 season, with the aim of providing the greatest degree of stability within the ranks of the red team.

– Powerful configuration tweaks

South African Pitso Mosimane is heading to make many adjustments to the team’s ranks, such as Akram Tawfik’s participation in the starting lineup, in addition to modifying the way of playing, as the red team will return to play with a duo in the midfield, and there will be thinking about returning Hussein Al-Shahat to the basic formation during the next confrontation after his absence. About to meet.

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