5 looks that sparked controversy by Rania Youssef during her participation in El Gouna


01:00 pm

Thursday 14 October 2021

Written by – Hind Khalifa

Actress Rania Youssef used to provoke controversy and grab attention, during her appearance at the El Gouna Film Festival, by wearing sexy and daring dresses on the red carpet.

And coinciding with the launch of the new session of the festival this Thursday evening, we will recall with you the boldest views of Rania Youssef during her participation in the festival’s activities in its various sessions.

In the last session of the festival, she wore a short black jumpsuit, with sleeves, open at the chest area, and coordinated with her black clutch, shoes in the same color, and left her hair hanging.

At the end of the same session, she appeared in a long dress with long and transparent sleeves, and the design was characterized by a white color that did not carry any engravings or embroideries, as it was short in the front and long in the back.

She also appeared in the third session of the festival with a daring look, wearing an open-fronted dress with a leg opening that revealed her entire leg, but the dress was distinguished by its elegance and its calm color “Oxid”.

Another look that she appeared in the same session, which also sparked controversy, in a one shoulder dress, with an open chest, and with a leg-length opening, bearing the signature of the international fashion house Havin.

She also appeared in another bold look, wearing a sexy and attractive dress that caught the attention of the audience, as usual, that combines the navy and gold colors, the abdomen is exposed and has a bold cut at the chest area, without sleeves and belongs to the trend of one-shoulder dresses, designed from a shiny satin fabric, and has a long leg opening and even The end of the dress, which reflected her femininity and highlighted her slim and slender body.


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