6 new decisions to prove, including the dissolution of unions and professional associations


The commander of the Sudanese army, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, announced 6 new decisions for Al-Burhan, including the dissolution of trade unions and professional associations.

Al-Burhan’s office had announced the holding of a press conference, on Tuesday afternoon, the day after he announced several measures in Sudan.

An official from Al-Burhan’s office confirmed the conference, without giving further details.

This comes as the correspondent of “Al Arabiya” and “Al-Hadath” reported that Communications have been cut since 12 am in Sudan And can only receive calls, and the Internet service is still cut off since yesterday.

The UN Security Council is holding an emergency closed-door meeting on Sudan on Tuesday afternoon, according to diplomats. The session is being held at the request of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, the United States, Estonia and France, according to the same sources.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese army, Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, had announced, earlier on Monday, Suspension of work on articles of the constitutional documentWithin a package of decisions that included declaring a state of emergency and dissolving the Sovereignty Council and the Council of Ministers.

Al-Burhan also announced the suspension of some articles in the constitutional document, despite its affirmation of commitment to most of its articles, and adherence to the Juba Peace Agreement.

Al-Burhan said in a televised speech broadcast on state television today, Monday, that: The army took these steps in order to protect the revolution, and the country, promising to form a new government.

He also stressed that the Sudanese reject the rule of a party or a single individual, saying: “History confirms that the Sudanese people refused to be ruled by an individual.” He considered that the armed forces responded to the youth revolution, adding: “The revolution is going ahead with the determination of the youth and the armed forces are committed to its goals.”

It is noteworthy that the country witnessed at dawn a series of arrests, along with ministers, leaders of several parties, as well as the forces of freedom and change, including Yasser Arman, as well as the media advisor to the Prime Minister, Faisal Muhammad Salih.

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