A big attack and mockery of the artist Mohamed Attia because of his mother! See what happened in the picture


Attack the audience, the artist Mohammed AttiaBecause of a photo he posted on his official account on the social networking site to share photos and videos.Instagram“. Through it, he announced that he had a fourth tattoo bearing his mother’s name, “Samiya”, as an expression of his pride and great love for her, but some observers saw that this was an expression of guilt, and they directed harsh criticism at him.

Through that photo, he revealed the number of tattoos he got, commenting: “Yesterday, I got the fourth tattoo on my body.. the most tattoos I used to do.. Samiya is my mother’s name..the most important person in my life and the only person who deserves to have her name on my body that I don’t get out of. .. My mother is my closest friend .. She knows how to accept me with every change that occurs in my thinking and in my life, even if it is not in line with her ideas, traditions and customs.

He added: “My mother knew how to do what most people in our society failed to do… She was able to understand one of the most difficult sayings that people know how to apply, and she does not raise your children as your parents raised you, for they were created for a time other than your time .. My mother knows all my secrets and a refuge for me in any crisis.” “.

He continued, “No matter how old I grew up, thanks to a weak one than others.. Any need I reached and any need I was able to achieve was a direct reason for it.. My mother is the person who preferred to believe in me, even at the time when I lost hope and confidence in myself.. The first phone call to any job. Bejili will be with her.. The invitation that she calls me at the end of every call is able to turn any problem or concern into something easy and simple.. Sublime is the most understanding and tolerant of me with all my flaws and mistakes.”

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However, Attia’s comment sparked resentment among his followers, as some of them criticized the publication directly, and one of them wrote: “You are free first and foremost, but you are not normal about something that you do. It is forbidden to say you don’t do it and invite me with gifts, but like that, but expressing guilt is worse than the guilt itself, We all make mistakes, but we don’t say it’s normal, we make a mistake and we are proud in front of people. May God guide you, guide me, and guide us all.”

Attia defended himself, and responded to the comment, saying: No, I say what he does, and I am not in his home, and I am proud of him and bear the consequences of my actions.

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I responded to the comment of another follow-up, who said: “I respect you and love your freedom, but I hope that even if you do something, you do not say it is normal, as long as you know that it is forbidden, and by the way, do not condemn the idea that the actors are all in your thinking, because there are many respectable people and you are one of them, and I am seriously from a long time ago. I am a child who follows you and all your life makes me laugh and an example for any artist who does not do an art of indecent decency. I hope you will be sweet to the other because the lesson is in the end because it is not rosy that you tease us and say it is normal just because this is your thinking, and may God help you, Lord, in all your life and protect your mother.

To reply to her, saying: I do not like to interfere in someone’s life, and I do not like someone to interfere in my life.. The admirer in our society wants the artist to walk on his ideas and traditions, or he is not a fan and the artist remains inflexible.. I mean, those who are above do not like foreign actors?? But how do we have to disgust each other and put our nostrils down in each other’s lives.”

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