A Chinese blogger commits suicide in a live broadcast (photo)



A Chinese blogger commits suicide in a live broadcast (photo)


A famous Chinese blogger ended her life with a dose of insecticide in a live broadcast on a social networking platform, which shocked her followers, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Star”.

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The pioneers of social networking sites were surprised when the famous Chinese blogger Luo Xiao Mao Mao Zi, 25, ended her life by drinking an insecticide.

The Chinese booger was trying to attract the attention of her ex-boyfriend, according to a friend, and this video is the last for her because of her depression, according to the British “Daily Star”.

Social media pioneers thought that at first it was just a joke and encouraged her to drink the pesticide during the live broadcast until she actually drank it, and she was taken to the hospital on October 14, but she died the next day, according to her family.

A Chinese blogger commits suicide in a live broadcast (photo)

The blogger called 911 after she drank the poison, which means she wasn’t actually planning to commit suicide but wanted to get her ex-boyfriend’s attention.

It is reported that the Chinese blogger has 670,000 followers and has uploaded 38 videos since its account was created.

Source: dailystar

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