A diver is behind the discovery of the decomposing body of a girl in a sewage well in Kerdasa


Investigations by the detectives of the Giza Security Directorate into the murder of a girl, and whose decomposing body was found in a sewage well in Kerdasa, revealed that the dead woman was found during the maintenance and disinfection of a diver belonging to the Water and Sanitation Company for the well, where a red carpet was found wrapped. When he took it out, and when he examined it, he was surprised that it contained a decomposing body.

The detectives examine the surveillance cameras surrounding the place where the body was found, and investigations indicated that the victim was killed in another place, and taken to the place where the body was found, and disposed of in a sewage well next to a water drain.

The detectives resorted to examining the reports of absenteeism issued recently, especially during the past month, as the state of decomposition of the body indicates that the crime took place nearly a month ago.

Kerdasa Police Station received a report stating that a body was found in a sewage well, adjacent to a water drain. The incident, and the prosecution took over the investigation.

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