A drop in temperature for a week.. Meteorology: an air mass from northern Europe


07:02 PM

Saturday 16 October 2021


The Meteorological Authority said that there is a state of decrease in temperatures for the next week.

The authority added, in a statement, today, Saturday, that a moderate air mass is rushing in the direction of Egypt and North Africa, coming from Europe, as a result of which the temperature of many areas decreases, including the coastal cities and Cairo, to the north of Upper Egypt and southern Upper Egypt; Where the temperature in Cairo reaches 28 degrees, the temperature in the governorates of Upper Egypt drops below 40 degrees, and autumn weather prevails throughout.

The expected phenomena during the period are the water mist in the early morning on agricultural roads and close to water bodies and leading to and from Cairo, and there is an opportunity for light rain to fall on the northern coasts.

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