A film that investigates the “murder” of Lawrence of Arabia at the hands of British intelligence


An American film director is searching the site of a fatal motorcycle crash that killed Lawrence of Arabia, hoping to find evidence that he was murdered, according to the British newspaper, Daily Mail.

The World War I hero was riding his Pro Superior bike near his home in Dorset in 1935 when he was said to have swerved to avoid two schoolboys on their bikes. Lawrence, whose full name was Thomas Edward Lawrence, fell off his motorcycle and died of head injuries six days after the accident.

Rumors of a black car on its way led some conspiracy theorists to believe the accident was no accident and was covered up.

American director Mark Griffin is leading a team including archaeologists, a historian and a crash investigator to explore the scene near Camp Bovington in Dorset, southwest England. The film covering the life of Lawrence of Arabia attempts to answer if a British army officer died as a result of a sinister plot. Griffin believes that the hero of the 1917 Arab Revolt may have been murdered on the orders of British intelligence after powerful figures opposed Sir Winston Churchill’s alleged desire to appoint him to head the local intelligence service. The new excavation team hopes to find the metal remains of a “Pro” motorcycle, and possibly the mysterious car that was said to have been involved in the accident to prove Lawrence’s assassination.

Griffin had previously accused the National Trust, the body that owns Lawrence’s home in Clouds Hill, near Buffington, of surveilling him after he was banned from filming there. The fund rejected repeated requests to film on location, on the grounds that the film represented a continuation of “promoting conspiracies” around his death. Dennis Fletcher, now 89, said his family had been haunted by rumors surrounding Lawrence’s death for decades, adding: ‘People have just gone to the same old land since 1935 looking for someone to blame but they haven’t found what they are looking for. ». “There was no black car or chains across the road,” Fletcher continued. If they really want to know how Lawrence died, they should read the coroner’s report. They are looking to make money from it, but my family didn’t get any money.”


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