A former Egyptian official reveals an Ethiopian role in the development of the situation in Sudan


A former Egyptian official reveals an Ethiopian role in the development of the situation in Sudan

The former Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister for Sudan Affairs, Salah Halima, said that doubts are swirling around the Ethiopian role in the events in Sudan, and that a compromise formula is needed between the military and civilian components in Sudan.

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In an exclusive interview with RT, Halima added: “The civilian and military component in Sudan must reach a formula that ends the differences that now exist between them… This is the expected scenario to end this crisis because there is no alternative to it.”

He added, “There are efforts by some countries, through dialogue between the military and civil components, to reach a consensual formula that ends the tension between them and eliminates the state of fluidity in the competencies, especially since each of the two sides accuses the other of deliberately sabotaging the transitional phase,” noting that “the constitutional document remains the ruling. between two sides”.

Regarding the ongoing demonstrations in Sudan, Halima indicated that “it is not possible for the military component to hand over power to the street.”

He pointed out that there are concessions that must be made by both components, ruling out at the same time that matters will lead to a military coup.

He pointed out that “there is an additional strength and relative momentum achieved by the military component with the joining of some armed movements to it, in addition to the occurrence of splits in the forces of freedom and change front.”

He continued: “The military side has the ability and strength because it took power de facto, while the civilian component took its share of power by virtue of revolutionary legitimacy.”

He added, “The two parties must return to the constitutional document, and it is not important in these circumstances to amend that document,” adding that “there are legitimate demands for the eastern Sudanese, as their representation in the Juba Peace Agreement was not at the required level,” and Ambassador Salah Halima considered that their demands for secession from Sudan are nothing but papers pressure they make.

He said: “There is an Ethiopian role on which there are many question marks in Sudan, and I have legitimate doubts about the Ethiopian position in light of what is said about the presence of a delegation of freedom and change in Ethiopia under the pretext of discussing the electrical connection between Sudan and Ethiopia, even though the Renaissance Dam has not yet generated any electricity, as well as What was reported about the presence of a cube for the Sudan People’s Liberation Front, the Abdelaziz El-Helou group, in Benishangul and Addis Ababa, raises questions about the Ethiopian role in Sudan.

Nasser Hatem – Cairo

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