A great achievement for Egypt .. Tiger wins world gold in free wrestling


Al-Nimr, a 62-kg player, is seeking another gold medal during the World Championships in Greece, by competing in Roman wrestling next Sunday.

Saleh Emara, an Egyptian national team player, also won the silver medal in freestyle wrestling in Thursday’s competition.

Essam El-Nimr spoke with “Sky News Arabia” about this great victory, expressing his great joy in it, given that the last gold medal Egypt got in the World Wrestling Championship was in 2006, when it was won by Mohamed Abdel-Fattah Boji.

Al-Nimr said: “I won this gold for Egypt after winning the competitions over the player of Ukraine, then I defeated the German player with ten points against zero for the German and got first place.”

He continued, “I felt proud when the national anthem of my country was played.”

He affirmed his “full readiness to win a new gold medal for Egypt next Sunday in the Roman wrestling competitions, in order to play the Egyptian national anthem again in front of the whole world.”


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