A mockery in Israel of the new Facebook name because of its Hebrew meaning


Many social media pioneers circulated tweets and publications about the appearance of the so-called “blue moon” in the liver of the sky, on the night of October 31, when Halloween is celebrated in the United States and many countries of the world.

And those tweets state that “a blue full moon will decorate the sky on Halloween night in an event that takes place for the first time in 76 years.”

But the Reuters rumor-monitoring team confirms that this will not happen, which may be a disappointment for fans of legends, who believe that “werewolves” appear in public on that night to cause terror and fear.

The agency’s team explained that the confusion in the spread of this rumor may be due to the failure of many to realize that this phenomenon actually occurred last year, as the “blue moon” appeared on the night of October 31 and November 1, according to different time zones in the world.

The name “blue moon” is given when that celestial body close to Earth turns into a full moon twice in the same Gregorian month, and this phenomenon occurs once every two, three or years, and it occurs on Halloween night every about 70-odd years, according to astronomers.

Many media outlets covered this event last year, as it was the first of its kind in 76 years. Among the countries in which the blue moon appeared is Australia and Papua New Guinea, but describing the moon as “blue” does not mean that it appears in that color, but rather is just a description of that astronomical phenomenon, which came from the English phrase “Once in a Blue Moon”, figuratively referring to Some things rarely happen.

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