A movie scene turns into a tragedy.. The director and director of photography’s first photos are the victims of Alec Baldwin


American police announced that actor Alec Baldwin fired shots with a “sound” weapon while filming Western near Santa, in an accident that killed the film’s director of filming and injured the director.

Director of Photography Haliana Hutchins and director Joel Sousa were “shot when Alec Baldwin fired a sonic weapon” on the set of “Rust” near Santa Fe, the state capital of New Mexico, police said in a statement.

The statement explained that the “tragedy” was caused by a firearm that is supposed to be a sound, noting that “investigators are trying to find out what kind of bullets were fired and how it was fired.”

The US police added that Hutchins was evacuated on a helicopter to a nearby hospital, but “she soon died of her injuries,” while Souza is in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

In recent years, Baldwin, 63, has risen to fame in the United States thanks to his elaborate impersonation of former President Donald Trump on the popular satirical show “Saturday Night Live.”

He began his career as a television actor in 1980 on the feature series The Doctors as Billy Aldrich, a young man who kills an old woman. He continued his work on the series until 1982.

In 1984, he began working on the Knots Landing feature series as Joshua Rush, one of the series’ main characters. He appeared in about 40 episodes, ending with his death.

As for his first appearance in films, he was in 1987 in a small role in the movie Forever, Lulu. The following year, he had some small roles in the films Beetlejuice and Working Girl.

And finally, he played a starring role in the movie The Hunt for Red October in 1990, which is set in the Cold War era.


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