A new competitor threatens “Kia and Hyundai” in the market soon


A new competitor threatens “Kia and Hyundai” in the market soon

Roewe agents announced the company’s intention to launch the new modified RX5 Max, which was developed to be a strong competitor to modern Kia and Hyundai crossovers.

The new car brought with it many changes that distinguish it from the previous “RX5 Max” vehicles and from other crossover vehicles currently being offered, as its front facade received distinctive bright lines extending over its entire width, and its headlights were equipped with advanced technologies that make the lighting excellent day and night, even in the presence of fog. .

The technical development was evident in the cabin of this vehicle also through the latest multimedia systems obtained, and through the interior lighting system that provides more than 250 colors, the acoustics system supported by excellent speakers from Bose, as well as the large advanced touch screen installed between the two seats. The two fronts are longitudinally, as in Tesla cars.

This vehicle comes with a chassis length of 4 meters and approximately 70 cm, width of 187 cm, and it is equipped with safety airbags to protect all passengers during accidents, in addition to light and rain sensors, distance sensors, front and rear cameras, electrical systems to control the seats and side mirrors, and a system to start the engine and remote air conditioning. .

It will be offered with front and all-wheel drive systems, and two types of engines, a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 181 horsepower, and a two-liter engine with 231 horsepower, and it will work with a six-speed mechanical gearbox or seven-speed automatic boxes.

A new competitor threatens “Kia and Hyundai” in the market soon


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