A new concept for the European Super League: there will be no Da members


The organizers of the plan to launch a separate, closed tournament called the “European Super League” for football have made changes to the concept of the tournament, proposing that it be open to all clubs.

Organizers of the proposed tournament plans have criticized the current format of the Champions League, run by the European Football Association (UEFA).

The European Court of Justice is expected to decide in the summer of 2022 on whether UEFA will remain the sole organizer of continental football.

The court has ruled in the past in favor of launching more competitions in other sports such as basketball and skiing.

And the newspapers “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” and “Werschaftsfuche” revealed the concept, which may reflect a desire for the proposed tournament to be an alternative to the Champions League, where it will be held with the participation of 20 clubs, in addition to the possibility of the participation of 20 other clubs in a lower degree, with the continued participation of clubs in local league competitions.

Super League planners say there are not enough quality matches in the Champions League, that the best players don’t play each other well enough, that the best matches come too late in the season, and that all of this results in a lack of interest from the younger generation and a drop in attendance. mass.

And plans to launch the European Super, with 12 teams participating as permanent members, collapsed a few days after it was announced in April, as the six English clubs withdrew from the plan, as well as three other clubs from Italy and Spain, in light of protests by fans, league links and governments.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are still sticking to the plan to launch the European Super League


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