A new look for Hajar Ahmed and the problems of the first year of marriage… Notes on the first episode of the story “Without Guarantee” | news


“Without Guarantee”, the third story of the second season of the “Except I” series, starring Hanadi Muhanna and Hajar Ahmed, has begun.

The story discusses marital problems in the first year of marriage and the changes that occur after the end of the honeymoon.

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Below we review the most prominent observations on the events of the first episode:

The tone and clothing of Hajar Ahmed

Hajar Ahmed appeared in a suitable form for the character of “Ola”, a young girl from Minya who came to Cairo to start a new business.

Her spacious clothes, the way her veil is tied, her shyness and her tone as she utters some words, all of these things get you into the details of the character.

list problem

The story touched on the idea of ​​the “device list” that occupied social networking sites in the past period, whether the father adheres to it before his daughter’s marriage or not.

Living in the family home

Among the problems presented in the story are the idea of ​​living in a “family house” and the problems that may arise from the interference of the mother and sister in the life of the newly married young man, despite the high social level of “Maryam” and her “Sharif” marriage, but the interference of his mother and sister in their lives spoils it.

change transaction

The story “Without Guarantee” reviews the problems of the first year of marriage and the idea of ​​a husband’s change of opinion about his wife after marriage, his request to change her appearance, the way she dresses, and the people she deals with.

“Maryam” Hanadi Muhanna was a liberal girl who wore what suits her, and “Sherif” before their marriage accepted and loved this look, but all this changed after the marriage. He asked her to change everything, even asking her to wear the hijab.

Is there a relationship between them?

It is not yet clear whether there is a relationship between “Maryam” and “Ola” or will we see the story of each of them individually to discuss issues of marital problems between two different social classes.

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