A photo session with “Quraysh cheese” provokes controversy… And the photographer: I wanted to show her a farmer


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Cottage cheese photo session

In front of a round tray filled with crumbled cottage cheese, and a group of greenery between parsley and watercress, one of the girls is sitting, wearing a yellow and patterned galabiya, and a scarf colored in shades of mauve and blue.

The above is a description ofPhoto shoot She provoked controversy on social media, known as the “Session” girl of the Quraish cheese, for a model called Israa Muhammad, which she recently underwent by the lens of photographer Muhammad Utbah.

A wide case of controversy accompanied the photo session as soon as it was circulated, as many pioneers of “Social Media” attacked her, criticizing the girl’s appearance, her photography modes and her facial movements, while some ridiculed the matter in general, justifying that the matter is not actually happening in this way.

Although strange photo sessionHowever, it is not new that some food is used in photo sessions. During the past year, a photo session called “Nutella Girl” also sparked controversy, as a girl appeared eating chocolate in an inappropriate manner, accompanied by many comments that demanded the photographer to delete the photos.

The photographer of “Session”, the girl of the Quraish cheese, reveals the scenes

“I don’t know why the attack. I wanted to see her as a farmer.” With these words, the photographer, Muhammad Utbah, the owner of the photo session, revealed the scenes: “These pictures are from a week, just what I published, there was a big attack. We are tired of it.”

Photo session in a restaurant in the city of peace

Only 12 minutes inside a restaurant in the city of peace, the duration of filming the session, according to what the photographer confirmed to “Hun”: “We filmed it in only 12 minutes. The time when they sold cheese on the sidewalk, but I don’t know why people attacked me.”


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