A red evening ends with two corpses.. a night girl lures a young man and his cousin to marry


12:53 PM

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Dakahlia – Ramy Mahmoud:

The Dakahlia investigations have solved the mystery of finding the bodies of two young men on the “Mishak” road, Dikirnis Center, with stab wounds, and it turns out that a red evening and a financial dispute between one of the victims and a prostitute were behind the crime.

The beginning was that Major General Sayed Sultan, Director of Dakahlia Security, received from Major General Ihab Attia, Director of Criminal Investigation, a report received by the Dikirnis Police Station’s warden from the people of the “Mershak” area that the bodies of “Mahmoud M. M.” had been found. 29 years old, from Awlad Saqr Center in Sharkia Governorate, and his cousin “Omar. E.M.” with separate stab wounds to the body. The Public Prosecution ordered their transfer to Mansoura International Hospital.

Major General Alaa Selim, Assistant Minister of Interior for the Public Security Sector, directed the formation of a research team under the supervision of the Director of Dakahlia Investigations, Public Security and Dikirnis Investigations.

Investigations revealed that the accused used to engage in prostitution in exchange for money, and she got to know one of the dead, called “Omar”, and a dispute occurred between them over the agreed-upon money.

It turned out that the accused had used “M.T” to take revenge on “Omar” and lured him to the city of Dikirnis on the pretext of practicing vice, so he came with his cousin, the second victim, and they went to the apartment in Dikirnis.

While the partner of the accused, “M. T”, used his brother “A. T”, and they agreed among themselves to kill the two victims and steal the motorcycle in their possession.

By codifying the procedures, the officers of the Dikirnis Investigation Unit were able to seize the accused, the bicycle, the used weapons and the mobile phone, and the report necessary to take legal measures was issued.

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