A Saudi businessman offers to marry Shaila Sabt with an imaginary dowry, and these details are…


The Bahraini actress and model revealedShaila Sabt​About receiving a marriage proposal from a Saudi businessman with an imaginary dowry, through her personal page on the social networking site.

Shaila published a picture of the message she received, and it said: “You have a dowry of 5 million riyals, with you is a 30-year-old Saudi businessman.”
On the other hand, Shaila had previously announced her desire to have a husband who would take care of her in the same way that the artist’s husband appeared.Cyrine Abdel Nour​ While taking care of her foot, after she sustained an injury.
It is worth noting that Sabt had cut her hair after it was burned, and she said: “My hair was burned, however, I cannot cut it after it was long and I do not know what to do. with another character.


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