A source in the Red Castle: Al-Ahly is negotiating the Joker Pyramids to include him for free


A source inside Al-Ahly Club revealed that the officials of the Red Castle opened a line of negotiations with Ahmed Tawfiq, the Pyramids midfielder, to contract with him starting from the season after next 2022/2023 in a free transfer deal.

The source explained that Ahmed Tawfiq’s contract with Pyramids expires at the end of the next season, and he is entitled to sign for any club next January, which Al-Ahly officials are trying to exploit to persuade the player to sign for him and include him for free in the summer of 2022.

The source stressed that Pyramids opened a line of negotiations with Ahmed Tawfik to renew his contract, but the player has not decided his position so far and prefers to take a new challenge and move to Al-Ahly, and his club’s procrastination in renewing his contract.

And the source added that Ahmed Tawfiq received calls from a senior official in Al-Ahly to seek his opinion on joining Al-Ahly, which was welcomed by the player, revealing that the Red Castle officials wanted to sign a Pyramids player, as he is a Joker player who can play in more than one position, whether in the middle of the field or the right front.

The source added that the Al-Ahly official informed Ahmed Tawfiq that the red team needed his efforts in the season after the next, especially with the increase in the chances of Malian Eliud Yang in professionalism, whether in next January or at the end of the next season, which prompts the Al-Ahly administration to think about including a new midfielder, especially that Tawfik An international player and he is currently in the camp of the Egyptian national team, other than that he will not cost the club’s treasury an amount of money because he will join for free.

And if Ahmed Tawfik joins Al-Ahly’s ranks, he will accompany his younger brother Akram Tawfiq, who plays in the Red Team and the Egyptian national team, and is good at playing in the middle of the field and the right front, but he plays essential in leading the right front of the Red Team at the present time.


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