A woman narrowly escapes death after a meteorite fell on her pillow! (photo)


Imagine being asleep and being surprised by a meteor falling on your pillow and within a few centimeters of your head, and you escaped certain death.

A scene and no wonder, you can think that it is seeing one of the directors in the most famous thriller films, but it is a real and realistic situation that a Canadian woman was exposed to several days ago and was reported by the international and local media.

According to media reports, Mrs. Ruth Hamilton was sleeping at her home in Golden, Canada, on October 4, when a meteor broke through her house, and she woke up to the sounds of crashing, and then found traces of debris on her face.

She immediately went to turn on the light to see what happened, and found a black stone on her pillow. At first, she did not understand the nature of this stone and where it fell from. She called the police, who immediately came to the scene of the incident, and the officers thought that the stone had fallen as a result of building a project near the house of “Hamilton.” .

Indeed, the police forces contacted workers in a neighboring project, to find out if they had carried out some explosions, but they denied the matter, and confirmed that they saw a bright light in the sky and it suddenly exploded, and as a result of the explosion a number of shrapnel fell.

According to “Russia Today”, quoting the “New York Post”, the Canadian woman indicated that she did not suffer any injuries as a result of the fall of the stone, stressing that this incident made her realize how precious life is, and that death may attack a person at any moment, even if he is asleep. on his bed.

Meteor falls on a Canadian woman's pillow
Meteor falls on a Canadian woman’s pillow


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