Abdullah Hamdok: The transitional period in Sudan is witnessing the “most dangerous political crisis”


(Archive) Prime Minister of Sudan

photo released, Getty Images

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has warned against attempts to disrupt the transitional phase in the country with the exacerbation of tensions between civilians and military personnel in the Sovereignty Council.

Hamdok said, in a speech broadcast on state television, that “the only way out is a serious and responsible dialogue on the issues that divide the transitional forces,” stressing the need to stop the escalation in the current situation.

He added that the essence of the current crisis is “the inability to reach a consensus on a national project between the forces of revolution and change,” describing the current political crisis as “the worst and most dangerous crisis that threatens the transition and the country, and portends a terrible human being.”

He stressed that what is happening at the present time is due to “deep divisions among the military and others among civilians, and divisions between the military and civilians.”

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