Actor Shadi Nabil.. full details of the accusation of the young artist and his referral to the felonies


The investigation authorities issued a decision today, Sunday, to refer the artist, Shadi Nabil Khalaf, to a criminal trial, due to his accusation of harassment and indecent assault, and his attempt to rape 7 girls inside an acting workshop, in Cairo Governorate.

While the actor, Shadi Khalaf, denied, in the prosecution’s investigations, all the charges against him and said that it was considered a campaign against him that was circulated on Social Media And he does not know anything about it, and it is reported that the incident began last June.

One of the girls posted on her page on the . websiteFacebook, which states that she was harassed by the young actor Shadi Nabil Khalaf, while receiving a course and a workshop on acting, which was organized by a studio in this field, and they accused him of blasphemy and attempting to rape her.

This girl talked about what happened to her, regarding the abuse of her more than once by those in charge of the training, and she said for a long time, I decided to learn acting, and I went to a studio like this, a strong and famous one, I will not say his name.

One of the victims said about that incident as well, I was associated with this place to the extent that I considered it my first home, not the second, and I learned there from this man a lot of strong meanings.

She added, and then the days went back and I and a few students, naive and amazed, discovered that this man is a big lie, and it is nothing but a series of continuous harassment and deception incidents, as well as manipulation of human beings, or specifically girls.


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