Actress Hanan Shawky: Karim Abdel Aziz, “Number One” and Mohamed Ramadan, “Mesh Sadek” (video)


Actress Hanan Shawky: Karim Abdel Aziz

The Egyptian artist, Hanan Shawky, considered that the artist Karim, Abdulaziz is “Number One”, and not the artist Mohamed Ramadan (who was known as “Number One”).

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During her meeting with the “Ness El Kalam” program, Hanan Shawky said: “When I saw Karim Abdel Aziz acting in Ramadan, I felt that Nour Al Sharif was not yet matched, and Ahmed Zaki did not die.. He is the artist of the artistic community in his hands. The artistic community is dismissed by Karim Abdel Aziz.”

And she added: “I do not follow any need for Muhammad Ramadan, and I do not like to follow. I do not want to watch someone who is not honest.. And although he has charisma, he is the one who scorns himself.. Because all the time he imitates Ahmed Zaki, even by swallowing slavery.”

And she added, “I do not love the sons of Adam, who is oppressed by another person. He takes a punt on the social media, and wastes the lives of the sons of Adam again. This is not an artist.

And the Egyptian artist continued: “He is the one who does this in himself… it is difficult for me… because vanity is hours that do not let his owner know how to control them after that.”

Source: “An-Nahar”


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