Actress Naglaa Badr’s appearance at the El Gouna Festival sparks controversy in Egypt


The bold appearance of the Egyptian artist, Naglaa Badr, at the opening of the El Gouna Film Festival, in its fifth session, sparked widespread controversy in the Egyptian street.

Actress Naglaa Badr appeared with a bold look during her appearance at Red Carpet El Gouna Film Festival, wearing a black dress, but showing a large part of her body.

Najla Badr drew the attention of everyone on Red Carpet from the audacity of the look in which she appeared, especially the shape of the dress.

Actress Naglaa Badr was criticized for her dress during the ceremony and was attacked after shocking her audience with her daring look, to the point that she prompted the audience to publish comics and pictures of her after manipulating her original image with programs to cover the naked part of her body and complete the dress.

Although the festival’s followers were waiting for the artist, Rania Youssef, who is known for her bold looks at art festivals, Najla Badr outperformed her this time.

Rania wore a dark blue dress, open from the leg and off the shoulders, but it was less daring than expected from the bold looks and the famous lining that confirmed her fall during a dress she wore at the Cairo Film Festival before.



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