Adviser to the Minister of Health: The state is heading to coexist with Corona… and postponement


11:11 PM

Sunday 03 October 2021

Books – Mohamed Gomaa:

Noha Assem, Advisor to the Minister of Health for Research Affairs, said that talking about postponing the study due to the increase in Corona virus infections is just talk that has no evidence on the ground.

Assem added, during a telephone interview with the “Hadrat Al-Citizen” program, broadcast on Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel, on Sunday evening, that the past periods of the Corona virus crisis were more difficult than the present time, and did not have a single vaccine, wishing that the epidemiological situation would not affect the students. .

The advisor to the Minister of Health for Research Affairs stated that the state’s orientation and policy are moving towards coexistence with the Corona virus, because diseases are not only Corona, and the issue of the study will be managed by the continuous daily and weekly follow-up of the epidemiological situation.

Regarding the integration of the Corona and influenza vaccines, Assem said that the issue of merging is under consideration and study, and more information is expected to come out about that in the coming period.


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