After 30 years he lived in Morocco.. The death of Nour Muhammad Abdul Muttalib.. Video


Today, Tuesday, Nour Muhammad Abdul Muttalib, son of the star of the mawwal, Muhammad Abdul Muttalib, passed away after a long journey of conflict with several diseases, the most famous of which was diabetes, which necessitated the amputation of his foot.

Nour Abdel Muttalib spent 30 years of his life in the Kingdom of Morocco, and his health condition had deteriorated during his stay in Morocco, and he was subsequently transferred to intensive care in a hospital.

Days before his departure, Nour Abdel-Muttalib, who is close to eighty years old, asked to return to the arms of the homeland, after he suffered from his poor financial and health condition and received the attention and care of his brothers in Morocco.

At that time, Nour Abdel-Muttalib revealed to “The Seventh Day” that his Moroccan friends are caring for him in his illness, and that the artist Hani Shaker and Medhat Al-Adl intervened to facilitate and end the procedures for his return to Egypt. .

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