After her sister, “Jana”, Nour Amr Diab announces that she has hyperkinetic disease (video)


Nour Amr Diab shocked her followers after announcing that she had ADHD, a few weeks after announcing her engagement, to announce that she had the disease similarly with her sister Jenny, who announced that she had the same disease a few months ago.

Nour gave advice to her followers, via a live broadcast on her account on the “Instagram” website, saying: “You have to create your own environment of happiness and stability, even if this means making a radical change.”

Nor Amr Diab revealed her move to her new home in south London, in addition to announcing her marriage next year without specifying a specific date, stressing during the video her dependence on herself and her failure to take advantage of the fame of her father and mother, star Sherine Reda.

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