After I don’t have a dress..Arwa Gouda in a silver dress on the red carpet


08:36 PM

Thursday 14 October 2021

I wrote – Amira Helmy

The artist, Arwa Gouda, starred during her appearance on the red carpet from the opening ceremony of the fifth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, which started a little while ago.

Arwa wore a simple dress in silver with a black ribbon, decorated with a Hollywood hole on one side.

She coordinated the look with black high-heeled shoes, as well as the loose hairstyle and calm make-up.

And the artist, Arwa Joudeh, announced yesterday that she was confused during press statements on the sidelines of the press conference of the festival that was held on Wednesday evening, and “slapped” her face, expressing the confusion that occurred in her, as she stated that the opening dress that she is scheduled to wear is not with her yet. : “I still don’t have a dress to bring to the opening.”

She added that she had been preparing for the opening dress of the festival 3 months ago, one of them disappeared and she did not know his whereabouts, and another was stopped in customs, and she is currently sitting with 2 stylists to think about what to wear.

The El Gouna Film Festival will light its fifth birthday candle with an opening ceremony attended by art stars from around the world. The ceremony will witness honoring the artist Ahmed El-Sakka and awarding him the Creative Achievement Award, for his artistic career.

On the red carpet, stars and stars shine with diverse, elegant, attractive or even exciting and strange looks, and they usually catch the eye and become the subject of controversy and talk of the pioneers of social networking sites.

Yesterday, before the festival’s press conference, a huge fire occurred that hit part of the “Plaza” designated for a number of its activities, but the place turned into a beehive that ended the effects of the fire and restored the parts at lightning speed, in order to be fully prepared to host the opening ceremony.

The fifth edition of the festival will continue this year until October 22, with the participation of filmmakers from about 36 countries.


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